Not Sure What Type of Sidewalk You Want?

What Are the Different Kinds of Concrete Sidewalk?

Wondering about what the different types of concrete sidewalks there are today? Well wonder no more, read on if you want to find out more information?

A concrete sidewalk is any kind of path that is made of concrete. Concrete paths can be created by pouring concrete, concrete blocks, or paving stones. Concrete is still a popular choice to create pathways due to the fact it is simple and inexpensive to install.

Concrete is made by mixing water, cement, and some form of crushed sandy stone. When these elements are mixed together, they will harden to create concrete. Most people often confuse concrete and cement, thinking they are the same thing, when in fact cement is only the adhesion component of concrete. The ratio of each component does vary, depending on what climate conditions are and the intended end use of it. In addition to pathways, concrete can be also used for a great number of other projects.

A city sidewalk is probably the most common concrete sidewalk. In order to get a better picture of exactly how many sidewalks there are in the world today, consider that New York City alone has around 13,000 miles of city sidewalk. Almost every city sidewalk is made from poured concrete, that is designed to be slightly elevated above street level. Sidewalks are used to provide pedestrians with clean and safe pathways that can be used to move around the city.

Another kind of sidewalk is landscaped pathways often found in gardens and other exterior environments. These too are often made using poured concrete, however, some are made of concrete stones. Concrete paving stones are sometimes stamped with designs and patterns. And this can be achieved before the concrete has time to harden.

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